If one or more of your teeth are missing, there are a number of ways to replace them. An alternative to bridges, partials or complete dentures may be dental implants. Implants are used to replace missing roots and support artificial replacement teeth. They are comfortable and look like natural teeth.

 What is an Implant?

The implant therapy consists of the installation of artificial dental root(fixture) and the connection of dental crown, the tooth head, to the root. The implant has a similar structure to that of the original tooth, therefore, it is called as ‘the second permanent tooth’.

However, the bridge requires cutting the intact adjacent teeth, and also gives a burden to the teeth. Although the implant therapy requires longer period than that of the bridge, it gives you ‘semi-permanent’ teeth by the best method concerning the teeth health.

Features of Dental Implant?

With the technology of  ‘Anatomage Guide Implant’  through 3D I-CAT CT, we perform a safer and more precise implant surgery.

In the surgery of ‘Anatomage Guide Dental Implant’, surgical simulation is proceeded on the computer based information about the patient from 3D CT scanning. It has never been done in the conventional implant surgery.

In the conventional panorama X-ray, 2D image shows overlapped or distorted oral structure. Therefore, there have been difficulties in the exact anatomic analysis and diagnosis. However, in the stereoscopic image by the 3D CT scanning, the understanding of important anatomic structure have become possible although it is deeply hidden: the length, width, and depth of jaw bone(alveolar bone), even nerve. Based on the most precise data(generated by computer simulations) among the results from the surgical simulations, the Implant Anatomage Guide is fabricated(or produced). With the Anatomage Guide on your mouth, the safer and more precise surgery can be proceeded.

Types of Dental Implant:

Aesthetic Zirconia implant

As for the implant surgery for the outwardly-displayed teeth like the front teeth, essential is the installation of aesthetic implant. The aesthetic implant is manufactured concerning aesthetic aspects as well as functional aspects. The aesthetic implant surgery provided by S-PLANT dental hospital gives a natural color of the tooth as your original one, with the use of zirconia abutment, which has the high strength and transparency.

Implant overdenture

Implant overdenture helps you increasing your biting force, more than that of the conventional denture (complete denture). First of all, 2 to 4 implants are installed in the anterior region. Then, denture is placed with the connecting bar, ring, magnets or snap fasteners, so that the implant overdenture is not easily put out and helps you in eating tough food easier. Due to the smaller number of implant, the cost is relatively reasonable to the full-mouth implant reconstruction. The overdenture gives more comfortable eating and less harm to the gum than conventional denture.

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