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What is Power-V Face Contouring?

“Power-V contouring is the making of the V-line without cutting the bone”

The Line lifting & Anti-aging Center produces the best results with the most ideal way considering individual’s needs. The thickness and elasticity of skin layer, jaw bones and development degree of Masticatory muscle are taken into consideration. It eliminates the unnecessary fat in the chin line and simultaneously lifts the soft tissues (dermic layer, adipose layer, SMAS layer) determining the form of the jaw line.

Surgical procedure:

Incisions are made that are minimally visible above the hair line at the temples, extending under and behind the ear and into the hairline. The surgery is performed under general anesthesia. It removes unnecessary fat from the jaw line along with soft tissues (skin layer, fat layer, SMAS layer) that affect the shape of the jaw line. For that reason, unless you gain body weight, subcutaneous fat on face is not increased either, so V-line can be permanently maintained. Once the excess fat is removed, it is difficult to restore the previous look so the effectiveness is permanent. Besides, tightening effect of collagen, filled in the regions where the fat is removed, gives multiple effects along with V-line making the face look more supple and younger.
The skin is drawn backwards and upwards before the surgeon stitches the incision into its new position. The area is protected with a proper dressing.
The operation takes an overall six hours to complete and an overnight stay in the hospital.
Swelling and bruising may continue for a few days and though stitches are removed after a week, the face may feel swollen, stiff and numb for a few weeks or months after surgery.