Calf Reduction

What is Calf Reduction?

Calf Reduction is the reduction of accumulated fatty tissues around the calf muscles.

Three Procedures for treating Calf Reduction

Non-Incision Calf Reduction

This procedure is a non-surgical calf reduction procedure which involves blocking the main nerves of the gastrocnemius (the outermost muscle of the calf) by heating them with a nerve navigating needle.


Advantages of this method:
• The procedure is painless and causes less swelling as it involves the blocking of the nerve cells instead of burning them
• The thin needle leaves no scarring.
• It does not damage other nerves, blood vessels or muscles.
• The operation is very simple so hospitalization is not required.
• Chances of a relapse are close to nil.

Calf Liposuction

Calf liposuction is amongst the safest and effective methods of calf reduction.
It begins with a tiny pinhole incision which is made from where the fat will be removed. Once the incision has been made, a cannula is inserted into the incision to access the fat. By using a smooth back and forth motion, it warms and breaks up the fat, allowing it to be easily suctioned out by the cannula. The procedure can take anywhere from one to two hours.

Advantages of this method:

• It has permanent result.
• It leaves a Minimal scar.
• It requires at least three days of recovery time.
• It Effectively handles thickness in the calves
• It Effectively handles thick ankles

Botox Calf Reduction

This procedure requires using a series of syringes; Botox is carefully injected evenly across the gastrocnemius muscle, which is the main muscle in the calf responsible for its bulkiness. The procedure is performed in less than an hour.

Advantages of this method:

• It reduces the prominence of the calf muscles.
• Simple and safe procedure without scars and the need for anesthesia
• No recovery time is needed and the patient can go back to everyday life at once.
• Needs to repeat the procedure in about 6-12months because it’s not a permanent method