A quick recovery liposuction

A quick recovery is possible as only an elaborated liposuction on the subcutaneous fat layer through 3D analysis.
Solutions for a quick recovery

• The patient’s body is Three dimensionally analyzed to know the type and the subcutaneous fat layer in the body.
• The pain and bleeding is minimized by three simple steps: Watershape + Multi-laser + Accusculpt.
• Accusculpt and Liposuction helps to reduce the swelling and bruising and in addition it also helps the skin to keep        its elasticity.
• Endermologie, Radio-frequency, Ultrasound are used after the operation to treat the patients.
• Patients are allowed to leave the hospital without any need for hospitalization.

The reasons of a quick recovery

• The specific site for liposuction is analyzed by a 3D Ultrasound so the precise liposuction is only done on the subcutaneous fat layer without affecting any blood vessels.
• Patients recover quickly if they opt for an elaborated liposuction on the subcutaneous layer.
• Though some pain and bleeding may still linger, patients are able to return to everyday life soon after their surgery

360° rotating liposuction

Get a more slim and balanced body line- not only through to the visible parts of the body, but with a 360°rotating liposuction for the entire body part.
The great advantage of The Line’s liposuction is that you can wear a swimsuit with more confidence through The Line’s minimum scar and unexposed scar system.

• It gives you an excellent slim effect.
• It minimizes the imbalanced and sunken parts of the body.
• Liposuction reduces the sagging of the skin and the gives the overall body a beautiful look.

3D Analysis



An accurate analysis through 4-step 3D diagnostic system.
The subcutaneous fat layer is located in the soft tissues of the body which cannot be touched or seen through naked eye.
The thickness of the fat layer and the status of the adipose tissues are analyzed thoroughly by a 3D Ultrasound system.
It can lessen the imbalance or sagging of the skin which helps for liposuction based on the accurate data obtained from the pre-operative Ultrasonic diagnosis. Pain and bleeding is minimized as the blood vessels were examined before the surgery.

4-step 3D diagnostic system

1. The whole body is scientifically analyzed.
2. The density and volume of the subcutaneous fat is analyzed.
3. The flexibility and the depth of the skin are both scanned.
4. The skin, muscles, tissues of subcutaneous fat layers and their structures are examined by a 3D Ultrasound system.