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Power Aging Test ProgramThe Chaum Power Aging program tests your senility based on gene analysis and cell function analysis, then creates an Power Aging program that works for you.
Chaum's Power Aging program is designed to stop the disease at its source, and to turn back your body clock to make you feel ten years younger.

The equipment and devices at Chaum Power Aging facilities

  • EEG recording device

    Electroencephalography, or EEG for short, measures and analyzes your brain activity to improve its function.

    EEG recording device image

  • HRVmeasurement device

    A heart rate variability (HRV) test is a non-invasive electrophysiology test for an assessment of the cardiac autonomic nervous system, to evaluate your general physical fitness--including your physical and mental stress.

    HRV measurement device image

  • ESG (electrosomatography) scanner

    ESG test informs about the function and malfunction of twelve different organs, to give you more precise idea about the causes of the health problems.

    ESG (electrosomatography) scanner image

  • Inbody 720

    This device gives you a precision analysis of your body composition.

    Inbody 720 image

  • Body Balance, the moire photography body-foot checker

    This device measures the foot pressure for an assessment of the body balance, then shows it in moire-pattern graph.

    Body Balance, the moire photography body-foot checker image

  • Thermography

    Thermography is a non-invasive, non-contact device that uses extremely sensitive medical infrared to detect, analyze, and produce high-resolution diagnostic images of the body's temperature variations, to provide accurate ideas for your health conditions.

    Thermography image

  • Capillary scanner

    Examination of the nail fold capillaries can reveal the nature and extent of microvascular pathology; and can assess the existence of arterial disease in the peripheral circulation.

    Capillary scanner image

  • Vascular screening test

    This is an easy, pain-free vascular screening test to see if your arteries are hardening or narrowing; or if there are any blockage--which can produce strokes if not treated.

    Vascular screening test image