Stroke Center
Best Practice in Medicine

AMC Stroke Center is run by a team of top-class physicians and surgeons specializing in neurology, neurosurgery, radiology, vascular surgery, and rehabilitation medicine. The Center provides comprehensive treatment for stroke, with a systematic approach and cross-disciplinary teamwork.


 Timely Patient Care for Acute Stroke Patients

AMC has a dedicated inpatient unit for stroke patients, a stroke intensive care unit, and a critical care unit. This is a part of AMC's famous one-stop patient care, providing timely and effective treatment from ER to inpatient units.


 Continuous Patient Care Plan

We provide various care programs for our patients after they are discharged and return home. Clinician nurse specialists with extensive experience provide consultations regarding home treatment, diet management, and rehabilitation. We also have visiting nurses available for patients needing at-home treatment procedures.


 Focus on Continuous Improvement

Our experience of 20 years and our achievements in research are already at a world class level. However, we will not be satisfied until we are the very best - we will never stop the research and development of new and improved methods of diagnosis and treatment for stroke.