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Founded in 2002, Soree Ear Clinic(SEC), the first private ear clinic to exclusively

dedicate to Ear health care in Korea, has treated more than 10,000 patients each

year with surgical and medical needs, hearing aid, Cochlear Implant, and Facial

Nerve and hearing & balance related disorder treatments.

Soree Ear Clinic's abundant amount annual cochlear implant surgeries

(more than 60) and EAS/Hybrid implant, RW approach, and Hearing

preservation treatments have made our clinic highly ranked and leading cochlear

implant center in Korea.

At 2012, Soree Ear Clinic starts a new step forward by opening up to our global patients

with the best technologies and service in our two headquarters in each east and west

of Seoul. It is our goal at SEC to become the most favored ear clinic by all ear patients in the world


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