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Grand Plastic Surgery is the best Plastic Surgery Center in Gangnam, Korea and aiming to become the world's leading plastic surgery center. Grand Plastic Surgery is visited by numerous celebrities from around the globe.

Awards and Achievements: Grand Plastic Surgery has been considered as the No.1 plastic surgery center in Asia and now aiming to be a global beauty leader. Grand Plastic Surgery Center selected as No. 1 reputable plastic surgery clinic in Korea by the largest Portal site-NAVER.COM in 2011.

Medical Staffs: Medical specialists belong to various fields like plastic surgeons, dentists, anesthesiologists, dermatologists, and physicians.

Centers and Departments: Eyes and Nose Surgery, Facial Contouring, Breast Surgery, Body Contouring, Anti Aging.

Services: Grand has a special patient safety system which is controlled by 4 anesthesiologists, Uninterruptible Power Supply, High-tech Monitoring System, Air Shower System and Sevoflurane Anesthesia. Grand provides customized post-surgery treatment for its patients such as high frequency, ultrasonic, O2, Vitamin, Moisturizing, Infrared-rays, Massages,depending on a type of surgery.

Infrastructure: The hospital is built on a total area of 4,300m3. The building stands tall on 21 floors with 6 floors underground and 15 floors above ground.


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