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What is Vasectomy?


Vasectomy is the procedure of severing and tying up the vas deferentia of a male so as to prevent the sperm to enter the seminal stream which leads to ejaculation. As a result, the sperms are not ejaculated from the male’s penis, making the whole process a prominent birth control measure.


This procedure is permanent, which means that once it is carried out, it cannot be undone and the male will not be able to ejaculate sperm ever again. However, the reversal is possible, but it is considered ineffective due to its incapacity to restore the sperm count to the level that is needed to be transferred in the female’s body for pregnancy. This is one major reason that men are always advised to consider the long run effects of the same.


Vasectomy has been very popular birth control measure, and the male can still have sexual intercourse with his partner but without the risk of pregnancy. The procedure of vasectomy is minimally invasive and can be easily carried out even at the clinic by a skilled doctor in a time period of less than 30 minutes. The whole procedure is very safe and does not lay any particular impact on the patient’s health, usually.


It must be noted that vasectomy should not be linked or confused with ‘Castration’ which is the surgical removal of the testicles.