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What is Micromanipulation?


Micromanipulation is a technique whereby the external reproduction procedure can be minutely analyzed by a scientist or the clinician. When the sperm of the male and the egg of the female are put together and stored for a few days to grow into a fertilized egg, in that time period the scientists, with the help of microscopes and other devices, can undertake the technique of micromanipulation. The assisted reproductive techniques have been very prominent lately and have proved to be equally successful for that matter.


The technique of micromanipulation was first performed for the purpose of analyzing male infertility. Now these procedures are carried out with the help of a joystick that hydraulically operate the glass micro tools. Intensive care and caution is undertaken while performing such experiments in order to make sure that the fertilizing egg does not get destroyed.


It is often said that observing a human at its earliest stage of development is a privilege for a scientist or a clinician. The same privilege they have been able to give it to the rest of the world by developing such unimaginable techniques like In Vitro Fertilization, whose statistical rates have increased significantly over the last two decades.