Laser Hair Removal | South Korea Healthcare

What is Laser Hair Removal?


Laser Hair Removal is the surgical procedure of removal of unwanted hair on a human body, as per the patient’s wish. The laser light is centered on the area that is to be treated and the hair follicle is destroyed from that part. This practice has lately become very popular and is used in almost all the skin clinics all over the world. The dermatologists have been recommending this process for a long time now, and the feasibility of the same has grown astonishingly.


Although, this procedure of Laser hair removal had been experimented unofficially for 20 years before it was actually approved and introduced in the medical world, it had not gained much recognition until the mid 90’s. Now this technique is widely accepted and is considered the best, as well as harmless procedure for permanent hair removal.


The popularity of the laser hair removal technique has become so profound that the access to this has become even easier with the invent of electronic devices that are easy to use at home for those who wish to remove their unwanted hair through laser light.


All that can be said to conclude would only be the praising of the modern technology which has opened the gates to endless opportunities.