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What is Hair Implant?


Hair Implant is very similar to fat grafting or skin grafting. In this procedure of hair transplantation, hair from any body part are removed and are surgically implanted in that part of the body where there seems to be some kind of baldness. The site from where the hair is removed is called the ‘Donor Site’, and to the site where it is implanted is called ‘Recipient Site’.


However, it must be noted that hair implant is not exactly the same as skin grafting. In the procedure of skin grafting, tiny parts of the skin are injected in the sunken areas instead of one big piece of flesh. In hair transplantation, the modern techniques have become so advanced that the natural growth of hair is restored.


Usually, it is seen that excess hairy areas like hands, chests, etc. act as the donors and the less hairy areas like eyelashes, eyebrows, scalp, pubic areas, and other areas where the scars are left due to some accident, act as the recipients.


However, as modern as this procedure sounds, it is rather an old surgery, used in the USA since 1950’s. The cost of a hair implant surgery varies according to the country where it is carried out and the intensity of the procedure, but it is rarely insured.