Dental Bleaching

Dental Bleaching-
Dental Bleaching is a procedure used to whiten and clean the yellowish and darkened teeth by chemicals. It can be used on both young and the old, male and female. Coloration by aging, foods (coffee, black tea) containing pigments, smoking, and tetracycline intake or excessive fluorine intake under the age of 8 is treated by Dental Bleaching.
Permanent bleaching-
An artificial finger nail shaped laminate is attached on the surface of the tooth. This method keeps the natural teeth intact while the teeth color gets very bright and white as much as desired.


Initially the teeth are examined by the dentist and an oral X-ray is done followed by scaling of the teeth. The brightness of the teeth is checked before the bleaching process. The bleaching agents are painted in the teeth after a retainer is inserted and the gums are protected by a rubber dam. Furthermore a light or laser is shone on the teeth to activate the chemicals. This speeds the reaction of the whitening product and the complete process takes approximately 30-60 minutes. Finally the protective resin is removed and the teeth appear five times lighter.