Incision Hair Transplant

Incisional hair transplantations are harvested from the permanent (donor) area in the back and sides of the scalp, by removing a single, thin strip of tissue. The area is then sutured or stapled closed to produce a fine-linear scar.

Hairline Optimized Transplant Method:
1st stage ---Transplant Format optimized for hairline slit

The hair transplanter can perform transplanting of hair follicle for their thicknesses.
Advantage of slit transplant

1) No damage to the existing hair follicle.
2) Can produce feeling of greater abundance even when the same numbers of hairs are transplanted.
3) Minimization of pumping phenomenon at the time of hair transplant through formation of insertion channel.

2nd stage – Transplant Format optimized for hairline
Transplant hair with patented hair transplanter

Advantages of transplantation with hair transplanter

1) Transplanting of hair on the fringes is possible through use of the patented hair transplanter in accordance with the size of the hair follicles.
2) Ease of controlling the direction and angle of the hair.
3) Minimizes the damage to hair follicle through shortening of the time taken for the procedure.