Les TroisNever thought you could say "health food" and "fine dining" in one sentence? Think again.

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  • 1.A team of doctors, nutritionists, and chefs prepare the food that is good for your body, and for your taste bud--in a luxurious setting.
  • 2.Les Trois uses only the select pesticide-free produce and environment-friendly ingredients from Jeju Island and the CHA-managed local farms.
  • 3.Les Trois is an open kitchen restaurant, and you can observe your meal as it's prepared by the chef.
  • 4.Les Trois offers a private cooking class. Learn to prepare the meal that is best for your health from your favorite Les Trois chef.
  • 5.VIP Private Dining Rooms are available for business luncheon, or for special occasions.
  • 6.Socialize at the parties hosted by Secret Garden and Techno Bar at Les Trois.
  • 7.Les Trois' inventory of the water collection from all around the world--selected by our water specialist--will satisfy your thirst.