Colorectal Cancer Clinic

Gastric Cancer Clinic

The Gastric Cancer Clinic provides patient-oriented professional and systematic medical services, which targets the accurate diagnosis and optimal treatment of gastric cancer through the team-based cooperative medical treatment organically by all medical staffs. The endoscopic camera an essential instrument of diagnosing gastric cancer, which is located next to our clinic, promotes patients’ convenience and efficiency of medical treatment. The highly-experienced endoscopic doctors of our clinic are actively performing the endoscopic mucosal resection (EMR) of early-stage gastric cancer and conservative endoscopic treatment from obstruction or bleeding by cancer. Our clinic performs the surgical operation that is the essential part of gastric cancer treatment through a systematic and wide range of laparoscopic surgery by the skin incision of about 15cm when having laparotomy, along with the world-best level of surgical techniques. When performing the surgery, our clinic doesn’t insert nasal or drainage tube, reducing patients’ inconveniences and promoting fast recovery. Also, our clinic is most actively performing the laparoscopic surgery in Korea for the functional preservation of early-stage cancer patients based on the accurate judgment for the existence of lymph node spreads. By actively practicing the conservative chemical therapy to the patient of disease spread or recurrence as well as the anti-cancer chemical therapy in order to prevent recurrence after a surgical operation, our clinic has improved the treatment result of gastric cancer and has made new ground for gastric cancer treatment in relation to the quality of life and function of cancer patients from the whole man approach.


Major Clinical Results

  • Annually performing 1,000 cases of gastric cancer surgery and 100 cases of laparoscopic surgery for early-stage gastric cancer patients
  • Having performed 50 cases of gastric cancer surgery by using the da Vinci Surgical Robot System first in Korea until the year 2006
  • Annually performing 100 cases of endoscopic mucosal resection for the early-stage gastric cancers
  • Taking a leading role in clinically applying the Korean-type of capsule endoscope
  • Maximizing the professionalism of anti-cancer chemical therapy by the trials of new treatment technology like the customized treatment by each individual (targeted treatment)