Up To Date Technological Techniques for the treatment of Fetuses

AMC Fetal Treatment Center provides treatment based on the most up to date techniques on fetuses suffering from life-threatening conditions.


 AMC Fetal Treatment Center diagnoses prenatal structural and genetic abnormalities and establishes comprehensive prenatal counseling and
postnatal treatment plans for the unborn child.


 Korea's First Specialized Fetal Clinic

Each year 3-4 % of babies are born with structural anomalies that lead to serious health problems. Although congenital anomalies have becoming a societal issue, many parents find themselves at loss as to where to find help. Opened in 2004, AMC Fetal Treatment Center is Korea's first one that provides prenatal counseling and specialized treatments for fetal deformities. In spite of our relatively short history, we boast the finest facilities and staff.


 Leader in Ultrasonographic guided Fetal intervention

We administer 4,000 focused ultrasounds each year and have performed 726 fetal therapeutic procedures since 1996. The procedures include fetal transfusion, thoracentesis and paracentesis to treat various cases of fetal fluid retention, fetal shunt operations, and radiofrequency catheter ablation. In particular, we have performed 75 fetal shunt therapeutic procedures with a more than 90% success rate.


 Multidisciplinary Counselling for Optimum Treatment

The Fetal Treatment Center is a part of AMC's efficient system of cross-disciplinary consultations and referrals. Our team consists of specialists in all departments related to prenatal and postnatal care of birth defects. If a birth defect is found on a fetus, the patient is immediately referred to specialists in related departments for consultations on postnatal treatment, including pediatrics, pediatric cardiology, pediatric surgery, pediatric thoracic surgery, plastic surgery, pediatric urology, pediatric orthopedics, and pediatric neurosurgery. The patient is offered systemic prenatal counseling, postnatal diagnosis and treatment in a prompt and efficient manner.


 Commitment to Best Practice in Medicine

AMC Fetal Treatment Center is committed to leading our patients to a healthy birth. Based on its extensive knowledge and experience, our team provides the best diagnosis and treatment for congenital anomalities in conjunction with related specialists. We will continue our efforts for the health and well-being of our patients and their family.