Asthma is a chronic respiratory disease characterized by repetitive, chronic symptoms of inflammation accompanying acute "attacks" with respiratory symptoms resulting from obstructed airway passages. Asthma requires long-term treatment and lifetime management, just like high blood pressure and diabetes. More people are suffering from asthma than ever before. In Korea, asthma patients account for 5-10% of the adult population, with a sharp increase for those over 65. Asthma has become a societal concern.


 One-Stop Patient Care System

Due to the nature of asthma accompanying acute respiratory symptom attacks, it is important to provide timely treatment and accommodate scheduling changes for outpatient visits. Based on AMC's famous one-stop patient care, our patients can complete tests and examinations on the day of the visit.


 Consultations with Allergy and Pulmonology Specialists

The Asthma Center team consists of specialists in allergy medicine and pulmonology who have extensive clinical experience. The team provides specialized treatments for asthma and intensive care for debilitating asthma patients in a critical condition.


 Specialized Long-Term Management

Athma Center's pharmacists provide training regarding correct use of inhaler and medication. The pharmacists also evaluate the patient's inhaler use and provide retraining if necessary. We also have patient care coordinator nurses who provide consultations and training regarding the specifics of the disease and proper symptom management.


 Asthma Test Lab

AMC Asthma Center has a test lab dedicated to diagnostic test for asthma patients. The tests provided include bronchial provocation, skin allergy test, and pulmonary function assessment, which provide important information in establishing an optimum treatment plan.