Cancer is the chaotic growth of abnormal cells, which cause damages to the surrounding tissues and spread to other areas. In spite of advancements in modern medicine, the number of cancer patients is still growing. According to a WHO report, from a medical point of view, 1/3 of all cancer cases are preventable, 1/3 can be completely cured if diagnosed early, and the remaining 1/3 can be treated and the symptoms can be controlled.

Asan Cancer Center is a specialized and dedicated treatment and patient care system for early diagnosis, treatment, prevention, and education regarding various cancers. The center consists of specialized teams of esophageal cancer, stomach cancer, colon cancer, breast cancer, lung cancer, head and neck cancer, women's cancer, cancer on urinary organs, blood cancer, pancreatic and biliary cancer, skin cancer, sarcoma, and brain tumor.

Based on a patient-oriented, multidisciplinary consultation system, Asan Cancer Center provides early diagnosis and timely treatments (surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy). All specialists at the Cancer Center work as a team to provide accurate diagnosis and comprehensive treatment for our patients, for optimum results.