Upper Eyelid Surgery




The patients to undergo “Brow Pexy” surgery are those who once had beautiful double eye lid in the past, those have sagging eye lid but still have beautiful double eye lid underneath, those do not want to have double eye lid at all, those shows the desirable shape of the eyes when they lift the eyebrows upward with their finger tips.

This surgery can be performed at the upper or the lower side of the eye brow but in order to minimize the scar, the spindle under the eye brow is excised and the eye brow is fixed to the inner periosteum and then the eye lid is pulled upwards. The scar becomes hardly visible with the passage of time because the incision is to be done along to the eye brow. 

This is a surgical procedure to apply to patients who want natural eye shape, and also who want to keep their original double eye lid. If the eyelid becomes droopy, and in serious case, the muscle that lifts the eyelid (Lator palpebrae superioris muscle) becomes weak, accompanied with senile eyelid ptosis.

Also among those with eye sight impediment yet having deep forehead wrinkles on transverse direction and downwardly drooping eye brow, if performed the upper blepharoplasty only, can show a ferocious and heavy face image as the eyebrow and the eyes get closer to each other, resulted from overuse of forehead muscles. In such case, if lifting the forehead upward and backward slightly looking in a mirror, it is possible to see that the shape of eyes get bigger while the wrinkles disappear as well as the droopy eyelid being improved. That means, such patient needs the forehead lifting. Therefore, for the patient with downwardly drooping eyelid in addition to the eye brow ptosis can have more satisfactory results by the forehead lifting together with the upper eyelid plastic surgery as reducing the dissected volume yet keeping the distance between the eye brows and the eyes. 

In addition to aesthetic aspect, the drooping of the eyelid can cause narrowed stuffy vision and also cause discomfort due to the festering of the skin of the eyelid in terms of function. The Upper Eyelid Plastic Surgery can solve these problems in the cosmetic aspects too. The word palpebra refers to the eyelid while the word antonia refers to the condition of drooping eyelid, as taken from a medical term “blepharochalasis” written in Chinese characteristics, In the past, many people had hard time after undergoing the upper eyelid plastic surgery because the procedure formed a ferocious image, but nowadays a natural, young and lively looking image of eye can be constructed by the upper eyelid plastic surgery. The incision method is basically similar to the double eyelid surgery. 

The incision amount of the skin is designed after detailed calculating of the sagging volume of the upper eyelid in a sitting position, and then the developed muscle or excessive fat is removed, and the double eyelid is made at desired location. For patients who don’t want to have too obvious double eyelids, natural results are induced by incision on the upper part of the eyelashes to make a vague double eyelid, or doesn’t attach the tissues so that the double eyelid is not form. If the skin is cut out too much, a hideous face image may be formed in addition that the recovery period may be hard to go through and longer. In the case of middle-aged women, most patients prefer natural and elegant eye shapes so the surgery needs to achieve to form a proper thickness of the double eyelid and shape Under topical anesthesia concurrently with anesthesia analgesia, the surgery is operated in a comfortable atmosphere. The surgery takes approximately 40 minutes ~1 hour, and the stitches are removed after 4-5 days post op while swelling and bruise are mostly recovered after one week post op. When having make-up, it will begin to look natural.