What is Lipo-injection?

The lipoinjection is performed delicately and beautifully while emphasizing the meticulous aesthetic point of view of the specialized plastic surgeon.

It is a procedure where fat is sucked from one part of the body with a very thin cannula under low under-pressure from a place where you do not want it or where there is plenty of it (hips, thighs, buttocks, belly etc.). The fat is freed from unwanted components. The pure fat cells are applied three-dimensionally with a thin needle or a special very thin cannula to the required location, for example for wrinkle smoothening, lip augmentation, and bottom eyelid enlargement.

More and more freqnt is overall face rejuvenation by lipo-grafting. In the course of human life the face loses the subcutaneous tissue of the face which leads to development of wrinkles. Lipo-grafting which is another name of lipo-injection returns fat to the required parts, smoothens the wrinkles and brightens the whole face.

Lipo-injection is applied without hospitalization. You need not wear the post-operative compressive underwear and can return to work immediately. The first couple of days after the intervention sporting activities and excessive physical strain are prohibited.

The whole procedure takes from 45 minutes to 2 hours, depending on the size of the treated area.


Stem Cell Fat Injection is concurrently performed

Stem Cell Fat Injection is performed concurrently. The stem cells are effective to increase the take rates of lipoinjection and to accelerate the skin regeneration. In patients who undergone this concurrent procedure, we found that those skin became more resilient with restoration of elasticity after fat injection, because the stem cells inside the fat tissues act for such change. 

The liposuction and subsequent fat application are performed under local anaesthesia. At Banobagi Plastic Surgery Clinic, there is a full time anaesthesiogist who will always ensure the safely for the patients.

After the surgery is completed, the patients recover in pleasant environments and also we provide them the post operative swelling care (Radio-frequency and laser cares) in the management room.