The Process and Formation of the Facial Wrinkles 

Facial wrinkles start to appear in the face around the age of 30 and because the causes of aging vary from individual to individual, it can be a major cause of worry and distress in your personal and professional life. 

The first signs of facial wrinkle occurs by the drooping of the eyelid, and then the nasolabial crease is formed, wrinkles around corners of the eye, and then the wrinkles between the jaw end and jaw line starts to form, which leads to the wrinkles in the lips and neck, the cheek becomes hollow and then the zygomatic bone begins to look saggy.

Just like the slipping of the skin and subcutaneous fat from the skeletal structure, the drooping occurs due to the weakening of the supporting structure and the gravity, so the skin loses its elasticity and fat.

Facial Wrinkles

The symptoms related to aging can be summarized into three categories, one is the wrinkle, the other is the loss of soft tissue (In this symptom the volume of the face is decreased by the loss of facial fat), and the last is the drooping of the face due to the gravity.

The wrinkles in the forehead and eyebrows can make a person appear stiff and unkind. There are surgical procedures to improve such images by Forehead Lift which is a traditional method done by scalp incision, and the Forehead Lift done by endoscope. 

The most popular surgery nowadays is the forehead and eyebrow lift surgery using the endoscope where Endotine is used. 

Face Lifting

The Face Lifting can be divided into several methods by the incision method and depth of the exfoliation in the lower part of the skin. The most basic method is the operation method that incises an ‘S’ form from the fore part of the ear and to the back part of the earlobe in the lower part of the skin and which exfoliates the eye and lip region in the upper direction so that the wrinkles can be eliminated, and also the drooping amount of skin is incised after calculation and then stitched together. As the surgical procedures develop the incision line tends to become smaller and invisible and also the recovery period tends to get faster and the scar soon starts to disappear. There are various Face Lift methods according to the shape and location of the incision line. 

The MACS-Lift is one of the most popular facial lifting surgical procedures preferred these days, the scar amount is minimized and it tightens the SMAS tissue and anchors it to the temporalis fascia.

Magic Face Lift

The Magic Face Lift uses a specially designed thread to remove the wrinkles and also lifts the drooping soft tissues, skin, and SMAS layer by gathering them to the center. After simple local anesthesia is operated a special needle is inserted into the SMAS layer and the Magic Thread which has infinitely many special Cogs is inserted into the needle (Various types of Magic Thread such as APTOS threads, WAPTOS, Feather Lift threads, and etc.). The Cogs of the Magic Thread gathers the drooping soft tissues to the center so the wrinkles are eliminated and also it provides magical effects on the drooping cheekbones or cheeks, drooping turkey skins of the neck, the facial tissues such as drooping eyebrows or lip region due to facial paralysis, and soft tissue drooping after Face Lift. The collagen component which is crucial for elasticity is formed and accumulated around the Magic Thread, and also the Magic Thread tightens the supporting structure, so this method which regains your youth in just a few minutes without leaving any scar is one of the most suitable plastic surgical procedures without any complications.

MACS-Lift (Minimally Access Cranial Suspension Lift)

It is the method for lifting of the facial nasolabial crease, the marionette folds being formed from the peri-oral area, lower jaw line, and droopy facial center, it is the same principal such as the effect when you pull the inner skin of the ear upwards, and you can see the betterment of your face. The previous Face Lift methods needed a General anesthetic, and leaving big scars, with the recovery period being too long too, there were dangers of side effects and complicated diseases, so the defaults of the previous Face Lift were improved so that the surgery can be conducted more easily and that method is the “MACS-Lift”.