What is Anterior Epicanthoplasty?


Basic Shape of Eyes


The eye consists of various components and in fact, all human eyes are composed of the black pupil, the white (Sclera) and the red inner skin at the anterior of eye (caruncle). Herewith, the red inner skin part is where the sleep is gathered, and usually the red inner skin is covered by the skin for the typical Asian eyes. For the eyes of westerners, the red inner skin is exposed all being visible, giving quite different feeling from ours. When looking at the anterior of Korean Eye, the volume and the shape of the red inner skin part are all different, and as shown in following photos, there are wide variety from the eye with no visible red inner skin to the eye showing much of red inner skin just like westerners in spite of having no epicanthoplasty.

The most idealistic eye is when showing the red inner skin by about 50 to 80% of the actual volume, making the facial impression most comfortable. If the red inner skin is less visible, it looks either very stuffy or in severe case it looks like strabismus.

How does the epicanthoplasty make the scar invisible? 


Visibility of scars involves the size, the location, the shape and the color of scars, yet the most important is the location of scar. The scars are visible at the most around the eye, the nearest part to the center of nose between the eyes. Closer to the center, it becomes more visible. On the contrary, the location of scar preferred by doctors is the nearest to the outer corners of eyes. And now the technology reached to the level that even the surgeon who operated the surgery cannot identify on the scar from outside as the scar is being hidden into the wrinkles completely.

The purpose of anterior epicanthoplasty

01 Make the overly short eye to look long and big

02 Soften the facial impression when it is too strong due to overly sharp anterior of the eye

03 Improve the look of anterior wrinkles from its untidy look with unique shape

04 Improve the distance between the eyes when it is too far

05 Improve strabismus look

06 Soften the facial impression by improving the slanted eyes

07 Improve the short and stuffy double eyelid to big and well-defined eyes.