Double Embedding


What is Double Embedding?

Double Embedding is an innovative surgical procedure that maintains the advantage of existing embedding methods yet has improved on the disadvantages of the procedure.

The principle of double eyelid formation is that when the levator muscle lifts up the eyelid, it also pulls up the skin on the area of 6 to 8 mm above the inner eyelashes which is another point together with the inner eyelash part. At this time, the transfer of strength to the skin section is possible by the strength of the muscle itself in case of natural crease, but if there is no natural crease, it needs to create the double eyelid artificially.



All of existing embedding methods including the Quick Double Eyelid, Easy Double Eyelid, Sato Style Double Eyelid, Multi-Knots Double Eyelid, and Single Knot Double Eyelid are using suture’s strength to tie up all tissues between the skin and the muscle into one bundle. Therefore, with the passing of time, the sutures get loosened causing the Double Eyelid look vague or in severe case, the suture get snapped, hence the loosening of Double Eyelid incurs from 5% up to 50%



Double Embedding

Double Embedding, by dually generating the power to keep Double Eyelid from being loosened, is the most idealistic method to form natural looking crease that would not be loosened. It punctures a small hole on the skin, and performs the existing single knot method in the same way, then, induces natural adhesion so as to form the dual safe locks. 

Unlike the existing embedding methods, this method creates the adhesion at early stage. Therefore, if desiring to return to the original look by erasing the double eyelid entirely from the eyes, it is better not to use the double embedding method but to use simple embedding methods like existing single knot embedding. 

Those who want such restoration mostly dislike the double eyelid for psychological reason, and this happens to 1 in 500 people who get such surgical procedure. 

It is possible for the single knot method as embedding to perform reoperation, while for double embedding, if lowering the line, it is possible by using the incision and if making the line even larger, it is possible by the double embedding.

Banobagi Doc Park’s Special Double Embedding

For double embedding, the core part is to control the strength of adhesion. The Eye Plastic Surgery Specialized Centre of Banobagi Plastic Surgery Clinic has developed the most stable and ideal double embedding method through its know-how from the few thousands cases to whom the double embedding was performed.