Mini Tummy Tuck 
Abdominal fat removal + Saggy skin correction + Waist gathering effect!
Mini Tummy Tuck is suitable for the ones who don't have that much of abdomen fat but have excessive droopy skin. 
What's mini tummy tuck?
In case of having excessive saggy skin on lower abdomen specifically, mini tummy tuck is performed by using a smaller incision line than regular tummy tuck in order to get rid of excessive saggy skin and fat. It is effective on people whose fat distribution on lower abdomen is moderate but have excessive droopiness.
Surgical Method 
A small incision is made on lower abdomen. Through this incision, fat that are distributed on abdomen in overall are extracted to reduce the volume in general. And then excessive droopy skin and abdominal wall are removed for slim waist line and flat stomach. Mini tummy tuck is a simple procedure so that about 2 hours of surgery time is needed in total. Thus, it is much more effective and simpler procedure compared to the traditional liposuction or full tummy tuck which take about 3-4 hours to complete.