Male Breast Reduction Surgery
Men with breats?
If you're a male with breasts that of female, make it back to normal by male breast reduction.
What is Gynecomastia?
Gynecomastia means the existance of mammary gland which can normally be found in female has been acculumated over time so that it becomes the size and shape of female breasts. If the ratio of female hormone gets relatively incresed due to various reasons, then mammary gland gets stimulated and breasts become bigger like the ones of female's.
This condition can become a personal complex, and the stress that one receives during his school years can give him tough time even when he grows up. Even if the condition occured since childhood, enlargement of breasts during puverty can be normal since most of them disappear before reaching 20s. Thus, worrying about it or having a procedure is not necessary during school years. It is recommended to wait until 20s to have a procedure if gynecomastia continues. 
What is mammary gland?
Breast tissue is mainly consisted of fat and mammary gland. Mammay gland is a tissue which makes breast feeding possible, and 2-3 kg of this is normally existed in male.
Diagnosis of Gynecomastia
Gynecomastia is categorized into two types; one is mainly consisted of fat tissue and the other is mainly consisted of mammary gland tissue. A surgical method changes depending on the type of gynecomastia. Thus, having an ultrasound examination prior to surgery to find out the type of gynecomastia is an important step that can greatly affect the result of surgery.
Gynecomastia Surgery
The most important point to consider is how to effectively remove and reduce the breasts that are consisted of mammary gland tissue and fat tissue. If the condition is not severe, and not much of hard mammary gland is felt from the surface, then it means the breasts are consisted of more fat tissue than mammary gland tissue. If this is the case, a great effect can be achieved through liposuction which removes the fat tissues. However, liposuction alone cannot do the job if mammary gland tissue is widely distributed. If this is the case, a part of skin underneath areola should be incised and mammary gland inside needs to be removed in order to see the surgical result.
The Result
 In case of liposuction method, the surgery normally takes about 1 hour to 1 hour and a half. Additional time will be added If incision is needed to remove mammary gland. After resting for a few hours in recovery room, a patient may be discharged from hospital.. 2-3 times of postoperative care is needed. In order to prevent swelling and secure a masculine chest shape, compression bandage needs to be worn for a few weeks. After 4 weeks of surgery, all the physical activities including exercising may be resumed. There is no special side effect, aftereffect, or recurrence. A normal chest shape can be obtained after about two weeks, and a finalized look is completed 3-6 months after surgery. 
-In case of gynecomastia that's occurred after 20s,  it could possibly be the sign of other disorders such as dyshepatia, kidney malfunction, hormone imbalance, etc. 
-If it was the sign of other disorders, then it can be treated by medication. Thus, a thorough examination prior to surgery is needed.