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Vaginoplasty Surgery  is a surgical procedure that reconstructs the vaginal canal and tissues of its mucosal membrane that provide the tightness and strength to those muscles around. The damaged or excessive lining will be removed strengthening and enhancing the functions of vulva vaginal structure. There are many reasons to do a vaginoplasty Surgery, but now Vaginal Plastic Surgery Korea is mostly used as a reconstructive cosmetic surgery.


Vaginoplasty surgery can be of two types according to the purpose. The surgeries done to treat medical conditions have mainly developed to treat birth defects and help patients urinate normally and to lead a normal sexual life. The medical conditions such as Mullerian agenesis, vaginal agenesis, adrenal insufficiency and vaginal atresia need vaginoplasty surgery as the main treatment method. Vaginoplasty is also done as a reconstructive or cosmetic surgery in the presence of loose vagina due to childbirth or advanced age and to enhance the sexual sensitivity. The vaginal tightening surgery is like face-lifting. A vaginoplasty Surgery is done in order to enhance the youthful appearance of the vagina and when this surgery is combined with labiaplasty this is called as ‘Vaginal rejuvenation’.

Vaginoplasty Surgery

The vaginal Plastic surgery in  Korea, cosmetic surgeons and gynecologists are able to help the patients regain the self-confidence and satisfaction. It is true that vagina loosens itself after a child’s head passes through this tight canal. This means that the vagina never regains its previous characteristics after giving birth to a child. Some may also suffer more serious issues other than vaginal loosening; some women admit to the hospital with vaginal prolapse. This condition needs immediate surgery together with vaginoplasty Surgery.


There are several ways of performing vaginoplasty surgery and it is still done under general anesthesia. Vaginal Plastic Surgery Korea is clear that there are a lot of advantages behind this treatment procedure. But, a person must know that there are several risks too, and post surgical bleeding, post surgical infections, scarring and ongoing pain are some of them. There are also risks of changes in genital sensations, painful intercourse and hypersensitivity of the clitoris.


The modern word which has a culture of oversexualization, many women want to be perfect at sex. But, it is important that you reflect on the decision of doing a surgery before you meet the doctor. It is not a secret that each surgery has its own risks. Also remember to get the vaginoplasty surgery done by a well experienced doctor who can guide you throughout the surgery and afterwards.



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