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What is tummy tuck (Abdominoplasty) & liposuction? 


There are many of us who are not completely satisfied with their bodies and dream often of getting a more chiseled figure.  If one intends to move closer to acquiring that hour glass figure while maintaining a proportional body appearance then the body contouring method can come in very handy. Also known as body shaping, the method is a surgical process which can effectively change or modify the various parts of the body for imparting a well balanced external look or feel. The body contouring is best suited for individuals who have lost a lot of weight as it aids in getting rid of the leftover folds of loose skin or excessive body fat. The tummy tuck plastic surgery is in detail surgery to remove fat in the belly button. Those battling the bulge can opt for Abdominoplasty, also informally called tummy tuck in Korea, for a flatter and toned down abdomen.


                                       Tummy Tuck Plastic Surgery


Tummy Tuck Plastic Surgery is one of the most widely practiced liposuction in Korea, Other related cosmetic surgery process is the liposuction where the excess fat is sucked out from the body through a suction pump resulting in a curvy and reshaped body.  The 360 degree Liposuction in Korea is a minimally invasive and quite painless method which can be used to remove accumulated fat from practically any part of your body. It aims to recreate your body by adding curves at the right places so that it may look fitter and more attractive. The most common body areas for carrying out liposuction are the abdomen, arms, thighs, back and buttocks. Liposuction can also work wonders for people having thick and unattractive calves and is a part of the Calf Reduction surgery. Similarly, one can tone up his/her thighs too by getting the extra cellulite removed through Liposuction in Korea. Another area of major concern for women is the hips which can be given a lift through Hip up surgery where the hip line can be made either curvier or slender through fat transplant.  These methods also require the least recovery time post surgery which makes them a safe choice for all. The percentage of women opting for these cosmetic procedures has steeply risen over the years which can be linked to an increasing awareness of personal beauty and body aesthetics.

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