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Stem Cell Therapy


Stem cell therapy is a medical procedure that involves replacing and repairing of damaged tissues resulting from any disease or injury by inserting new adult stem cells. The stem cells are able to self-renew and repair by generating tissues that replace the dead or damaged tissues in the diseased or injured areas in the body. Most of the researchers and medical practitioners claim that this therapy registers minimal refutation risks and side effects. Most of the therapies are at their tentative experimental stages and are both costly and controversial. However, bone-marrow transplantation has achieved remarkably and has been proved as a notable exception in this therapy.


Moreover, many researchers predict that adult and embryonic stem cells will soon be able to come up with a cure for diseases and ailments like cancer, cardiac failure, Celiac disease, muscle damage, Parkinson's disease and other neurological disorders, Huntington's disease, Type 1 diabetes mellitus, etc. Stem cell therapy has not yet been entirely applied clinically and is still under research and development phase. However, there has been evident usage of bone-marrow and umbilical-cord blood stem cells in cases of cancer conditions like leukaemia and lymphoma.


It is also claimed that  Stem Cell Therapy Korea has the potential to cure ailments like brain damage due to stroke and traumatic brain injury that cause cell death, brain degeneration caused due to Parkinson's and Alzheimer's disease, Heart damage or failure, and spinal-cord injury.  Gene therapy strategies also seem a lot promising in treating tumours. This technique has shown great results in treatment of dogs so far. Some researchers claim that the cure to cancer lies in holding back the increase or multiplication of cancer stem cells. Unlike the chemotherapy, contemporary cancer treatments are designed to kill only the cancer cells and not all the cells overall.


It is also predicted that stem cell therapy Korea can cure many other diseases with the help of hematopoiesis or blood-cell formation by using both hematopoietic adult stem cells and embryonic stem cells. Hematopoietic stem cells (HSCs) can also generate fully mature human red blood cells. Other deficiencies like baldness, dental deformations, hearing ailments and deafness, blindness and vision impairment, neural and behavioural birth defects, infertility, injuries and wounds related to orthopaedics and Diabetes can also be cured using the stem cell therapy in Korea.


Although the operation seems risky but the modern medical treatments are blessed with stem cell transplant methods and in future it will be the only treatment to thousand of medical conditions. Stem cell transplant and stem cell therapy are only available at few of the countries. Stem Cell therapy cost and stem cell transplant cost are huge as this is most advanced and developed treatment to save life and with huge equipment cost the stem cell therapy cost and stem cell transplant cost are high.  But The Stem cell therapy in Korea is the best destination as the stem cell therapy cost is much lower compared to the high end destination like USA and Stem Cell therapy Korea is the most developed among all and it is also well recognized.

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