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All of us have experienced sleeplessness one time or the other, during our lifetime. It is normal to have problems with your sleep when you are stressed, overworked and anxious. But, if a person suffers from a lack of sleep and it interferes with his daily life, then he might be suffering from a sleep disorder which needs a doctor’s special attention. Even though it seems like ‘it’s just sleep,’ lack of sleep can affect your energy, emotional balance and even health.

In order to recover from this condition a person can simply reduce stress, anxiety or even the daily workload. But, if it is more than that, a person should seriously follow some treatment method mentioned below.Sleeping Disorders Treatment Treating sleep disorders are not so complex, but it needs the real attention of the patient.

People who suffer from sleep disorders can be treated medically as well as non-medically and there are also times where both of these methods of treatment are combined in order to treat increase the affectivity of the treatment.


Sleeping Disorders Treatment


Medical treatment

There are many types of sleeping aids for insomnia; they can be over the counter (OTC) medications or prescribed medications. Among many medicines, the most famous are the so called ‘sleeping pills’. These pills can belong to different categories such as benzodiazepine hypnotics, non benzodiazepine hypnotics and melatonin receptor agonists.

But, in case if a person is suffering from insomnia as a result of other underlying psychological condition, the doctor may also prescribe anti-depressants and anti-psychotics.

Non-medical treatment

Meditation, acupuncture and aromatherapy like relaxation techniques are widely used to treat insomnia. Also relaxation training, in which a person gets trained to tense and relax muscles to a rhythm, has helped many people who have suffered from sleeping disorders. Some psychologists and psychiatrists believe that Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) has helped people relax and relive the stress and anxiety, helping them to have a good sleep. Whatsoever, it is the sleep hygiene, whichmatters the most. The scientists as well as the doctors have proved that 6-8 hours of continuous sleep are necessary of an adult brain and body. Hence, a person who cannot have, this should find a way to have a good night’s sleep. Among many remedies which help people sleep easily, a glass of milk an hour before going to bed has been proved very effective among Asians.

Each person’s brain and body is different. Therefore, it is important to find which method works for you the best in order to treat your insomnia effectively.

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