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rhinoplasty (nose) surgery?


A beautiful face is always admired by all. The most central feature of our face is the nose and a well carved and a shapely nose can add value to your face. With the ever increasing demand in beauty and fashion, tip rhinoplasty (nose) surgery is becoming one of the most sought after procedures to get the perfect nose. Rhinoplasty surgery can give any shape to your nose by changing the size and form of the tip of the bridge and by reshaping the nostrils too. Right from a small to a large size, to changing the position and angle with respect to the upper lip, alteration in the tip of the nose, correction of protruding bumps and pits or any other defect in the nose can be corrected by proper nose surgery.


                                   Nose Surgery in Korea


Nose surgery improves the appearance and proportion of your nose. A bulbous or an oddly shaped nose can be the major cause of embarrassment and low confidence. For example if the nose tip is large or bulbous, it looks heavy and mars the beauty of your face. To refine the shape of such nose the Bulbous Nose Correction surgery is the best surgical method. In this procedure the cartilage of the nose is narrowed down to improve the shape. Similarly if the nasal tip is drooping or upturned the tip rhinoplasty (nose) surgery improves the underlying structure of the nose and corrects the symmetry and deviation that results in a nose suiting perfectly to your face.


The procedure of Nose Alar Base Reduction surgery is ideal for those who have wide nasal bases and flared nostrils that disrupt the facial harmony. To make the nostrils symmetrical some portion of tissues are removed in and around the nose by making small incisions. These scar free incisions are ideal for such facial surgeries. The Nose Alar Base Reduction surgery also corrects impaired breathing caused by any structural abnormalities in the nose. Complications to nose reshaping are uncommon but there are some such as heavy nose bleeding shortly after the surgery or loosening of implants or cartilages may be encountered by the patients.

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