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What is Organ Transplant?


Organ transplant is a surgical procedure whereby organ from one person’s body is extracted and replaced in another person’s body, or the organ from one site of the body is removed and transplanted at another site in the same body. This procedure is carried out to shun away the harms due to the damage or absence of an important organ in the body.


Organ transplant is a very crucial procedure and shall be done only by the experts. It is important that the patient is aware of all the proximate odds and outcomes of the procedure. The organs in a body that can be transplanted include; liver, kidneys, heart, lungs, pancreas, thymus, and intestines. The risks involved are too high and can be life threatening if proper and prescribed procedure is not followed.


However, organ transplantation surgery does not necessarily ensure the performance of the new organ in the body in all cases. Sometimes, even after a successful replacement surgery, the body may reject the new organ. This can lead to possible transplant failure, thus giving birth to numerous other complications. For this, immunosuppressant drugs are put to use to avoid this situation, and a better way is to find a perfect match of donor for the recipient pre surgery.


Among the organ transplant, kidney transplant surgery is pretty common when there is a donor and a patient. Kidney transplant cost is not at all high as long as there is a donor who may be either dead, clinical dead or a alive person can be a donor in certain circumstances. Kidney transplants cost is reasonable which make Korea a hottest destination for transplant surgery. 


With the advancements that technology has reached today, organ transplant surgeries have become relatively easy to perform. In fact, the organ regeneration has also been actively carried out in many countries. In this technique, the stem cells from a person’s body are extracted and are allowed to re-grow into organs.


As regards to organ donors, the number of living donors is still a point of concern. However, a donor could be a living person, a dead, or a person who is brain dead. Acts and Laws have been made worldwide as to donor and recipient safety, as well as other guidelines necessary to carry out an organ transplant procedure.  

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