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What is Obstetrics and Gynecology?


Many people are familiar with the term gynecology, but not with the term Obstetrics. Both of these are medical practices that deal with the female reproductive system, that is, the vagina, the uterus, and the ovaries. Obstetrics and gynecology are two branches of medical science that go hand in hand, and are often learnt together.


Obstetrics is the medical practice of the study of a women’s health care during her pregnancy period, including prior to it and even post pregnancy. All the complications that could arise and their solutions are practiced and learnt in this field of medical science.


Gynecology is the medical practice of the female reproductive organs and the training to deal with the issues. Various diseases in female genitals such as ovarian cancer, prolapse of pelvic organ, infertility, etc. are all covered and treated by the gynecologists.


It is noted that modern day gynecologists are also obstetricians. The combined knowledge and experience of obstetrics and gynecology prepares the practicing doctor to be able to take complete health care of a female. This training is mostly helpful for those gynecologists who are capable to perform surgical procedures on a female’s reproductive system.


Many renowned institutes all over the world are encouraging the study and training in obstetrics and gynecology in combination as it becomes a more advanced level of medical science, and is able to cure more critical diseases in the female reproductive organs.


One of the most concerned issues about this practice is the sexual assault done by the male gynecologists and obstetricians on their female patients. Laws have been made as regards to this criminal offense, but the only way that can help reduce this malpractice is by educating and informing the females about the procedure so that they can make sure that their doctor is applying the correct procedure only.

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