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What is Obesity and Bariatric?


Obesity and Bariatric are somewhat very closely related as the former is the problem and the latter is the treatment. Obesity is one of the most common diseases in today’s world, despite the fact that most people suffering from it do not even consider it as a disease. It is a medical condition whereby a person’s body mass index is greater than the prescribed standards, that is, 30kg/m2. The excess fat that gets accumulated in one part of the body can lead to various other diseases, and even death. Researchers have found out that an obese person’s life expectancy is reduced in comparison to a normal healthy person.


Obesity is not a condition that develops overnight, but it takes ample amount of time given other factors like no or less physical activity, and wrong eating habits. It would be shocking to know that as simple as an obese person finds his condition, it can subsequently cause life threatening diseases like various cancers and diabetes. 


Coming to its treatment, Bariatric is that branch of medical science that deals with the treatment, surgical and non surgical, of obesity. This may include weight loss exercises, if the patient’s condition is not too worse and can be handled with little or no medication. Then there is another method in which anti obesity drugs are prescribed. And the third type is the most serious case in which the treatment cannot be completed without surgical procedure (like Liposuction and skin/fat grafting), or if the same is demanded by the patient for quick results.


Obesity and Bariatric are widely seen amongst children and youngsters these days that have already built wrong eating habits, but still don’t want to spoil their body shape. Many experts recommend the study of obesity and bariatric due to its emerging needs in today’s world, given the type of lifestyle we are living.

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