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Neurology and brain treatment


Brain is the most important organ that serves as the headquarter of the nervous system in all vertebrate. It is also the most complex organ in a human body. The cerebral cortex or the outer layer of the cerebrum is estimated to contain near about 33 billion neurons, each of them connected by synapses to several other thousand neurons. Brain is the central part for controlling the whole body and its actions. As described by Hippocrates, “Men ought to know that from nothing else but the brain comes joy, delight, laughter and sport, and sorrow, grief, despondency and lamentation”.


Neurology on the other hand is related to the study of the brain, dealing with disorders of the nervous system, diagnosis and treatments of various categories relating to the central and peripheral nervous system. A neurologist is capable of carrying out such treatments, as he is trained to investigate, then diagnose and treat neurological disorders. Neurology and brain treatments are however not similar to neurosurgery, where neurosurgery is related to surgical specialties of the brain.


Neurologist deals with diagnosis, treatment and the mental state of a person. When surgical intervention comes in, the patient is referred to a neurosurgeon, who is capable of carrying out the surgeries. A neurosurgeon carries out procedures like pediatric neurosurgery, functional stereotactic surgery, radiosurgery, neurovascular surgery, surgical Neuro-oncology and much more. They can also pursue neuropathology and rehabilitation.


Mental illness has been believed as a neurological disorder affecting the central nervous system; however they are classified and treated separately by psychiatrists. Neurological disorders are often related to psychiatric manifestations, such as depression, dementia associated with Parkinson’s disease, or mood and cognitive dysfunctions in Alzheimer’s disease. Though there is not much difference between neurology and psychiatry, the dominance of psychoanalytic theory in the beginning of the 20th century was heavily replaced by pharmacology.


While the medical science has made a lot of advancement in neurology and brain treatments, and has made tremendous improvements in its therapies and treatments, it has also raised questions about Psychopharmacology of lifestyle drug and Neuroethics.

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