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What is Laser Eye Treatment?


Laser Eye Treatment or LASIK treatment is a surgical procedure that involves surgical repairing of the eye vision of a patient. The laser eye surgery was first performed in the year 1987 in Berlin, Germany. The laser surgery is a modern technique which is performed to rectify the eye vision of a person, which has made it more viable for common people to undergo the procedure of repairing their vision. The main aim of these surgeries is to reduce one’s dependency on glasses and lenses. However, even critical problems like cataract can also be easily cured with the help of this laser treatment.


Risks involved in Laser Eye Treatment are as follows -


1. The primary risk involved is that the patient’s eyesight may not be accurately corrected. This means that either it may be over corrected or under corrected.


2. Even though you have undergone the treatment surgically, it is not ensured that a successful eye surgery will be able to give you the best vision. You still may feel the need of glasses.


3. The third risk is that your results from the surgery may not be permanent. After a while, the same problems may return, and the treatment this time will be more difficult.


4. During the surgical procedure, the risk of dry eye can pose as a major complication. This can make the ongoing surgery difficult and the results may not come out to be as expected.


5. In the worst case scenario, the patient may lose their eye vision permanently. If the surgery does not go as planned, the patient may lose his vision permanently and suffer blindness for his lifetime. 


Keeping all the risks in view, it is really important to find the right doctor for your laser eye treatment so as to minimize the risks, and undergo a successful laser treatment.  

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