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What is Hair Transplant?


Hair transplant Korea or hair implant is a technique that holds a close resemblance to the technique of skin grafting. The procedure is a surgical process whereby the hair from a body part is extracted and then implanted in that area of the body where there is visible baldness. Hair transplant in Korea has become very common these days due to its popularity and ease of the procedure due to technical advancements.


It is not necessary that implantation is done only in that area where there is visible baldness. Sometimes, any body part gets harmed in an accident and the skin from that region is torn. This often results in the lack of growth of hair in that area even after recovery. So, people suffering from these kinds of problems can also opt for the surgical procedure of hair implantation to treat Korean Hair Loss Treatment


                                   Korean Hair Loss Treatment


Korean Hair Loss Treatment, Technically speaking, the whole procedure happens in this way. The hair grafts that are resistant to baldness genetically, are extracted and these grafts are then transplanted to the area where it is required. This is a minimally invasive procedure. This means that the procedure of hair implantation in Korea is not very complex and can be easily carried out with the help of modern machineries. However, it would be astonishing to know the fact that this surgical procedure has been existent in the medical science for a long period of time. To be precise, in the 1950’s, hair implantation was successfully undertaken in the USA.


In the Korean Hair Loss Treatment the side effects of any medical treatment are a must to know in advance. The surgical procedure of hair transplant Korea includes the risks of shock loss, that is, hair thinning. Sometimes, even the previously bald region can form patches that may be visible. Other side effects include swelling of the scalp, which may lead to itchiness, and thus scratching, making it even worse. In this you must consult your doctor and apply the prescribed lotion or shampoo.  


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