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What is Fertility Treatment?


Fertility treatment is done on the patients who are suffering from various fertility problems. Incapability to bear a child due to any problem is linked to fertility problems. Like any other disease, fertility problems also have variations and classifications. Some of them can be solved easily and with less medication, while some require lengthy procedures, including surgeries as well, and some are even incurable.


Medically, it is seen that most of the fertility treatments are needed after the age of 35 in females. On an average, when a woman reaches the age of 35, her chances to bear a pregnancy decrease, and the risks involved gets higher. And even if the odds are removed, successful birth chances still remain very less.


With the advancements in technology and thus, in the medical science, lot of fertility treatments have become possible. The couples who are infertile can still give birth to an offspring with procedures like In Vitro Fertilization, also commonly known as Test Tube Baby. Other problems in women can be treated with the procedures like Clomiphene, Metformin, Insemination, Hormone Injections, Endometriosis, Laparoscopic Surgery, etc.


To name a few fertility problems amongst women would include; blocked or damaged Fallopian tube, problems with ovulating, and sometimes even unexplained infertility. Amongst men, impotence, micro penis, inadequate sperm count, and erectile dysfunction are basic and most common fertility problems that can pose.


It is an often myth that fertility problems arise and can arise only in women. However, large numbers of men these days are suffering from fertility problems like impotence and lesser sperm count. As a result, the medical science has developed fertility treatments for problems in cases of men. In men, Insemination is the most commonly practiced procedure.


For both men and women as a couple, a very innovative and preferred technique used these days includes Assisted Reproductive Technology and it has helped millions of couples to bear their own child.

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