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The human craving for immortal beauty and health leads to many medical advancements that help you live a disease free and beautiful life. With time or due to some defect the skin loses its elasticity and it gets slacked and wrinkled. For eyelids the loose skin collects as folds and creases in upper and lower eyelids respectively.


But one need not worry as these days the eyelid surgery not only corrects the defects, deformities and disfigurations of the upper or lower eyelid skin but it is also used for beautification purposes too. The epicanthoplasty surgery is performed to remove the puffy appearance on the upper and lower eyelids or to remove the excess skin that is obscuring the natural folds of one’s upper eyelid. The excess skin or fat on upper eyelid gives a tiring aged appearance and sometimes also blocks vision. This surgery not only improves your vision but also makes you look younger by reducing the wrinkles, improving the shape of the eyelids by removing the excess fat and skin and sometimes by tightening the eyelids to correct the sagging and droopiness.


                                                Ptosis Correction Surgery


During epicanthoplasty surgery small incisions are made on the eyelid skin to remove the excess fat and skin. With advanced laser technology now it is possible to do so without any visible incisions which are perfect for the patients.


Also Ptosis is the functional dysfunction of one or both of the upper eyelid retractors that often blocks the vision. This drooping of the eyelid can be caused due to muscle paralysis and weakness. Various other complications like visual loss, inability to close the eyes, uncontrolled blinking of eyes, double vision and loss of vision are also corrected by Ptosis Correction surgery.  Due to the new surgical techniques, Ptosis can be cured by making scar free incisions. Usually, there are very minimal chances of any complications during and after Ptosis Correction surgery but in some cases repeat surgery may be necessary for better adjustments and corrections. So, be realistic in expectations if you are going for any kind of eye surgery and you must check all your health parameters before going under the knife.


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