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Ear pain can be caused by disease in the external, middle, or inner ear.External ear pain may be Mechanical: trauma, foreign bodies such as hairs, insects or cotton buds.Infective (otitis externa): StaphylococcusPseudomonasCandida, herpes zoster, or viral Myringitis.

Middle ear pain may be Mechanical: barotrauma (often iatrogenic), Eustachian tube obstruction leading to acute otitis media.Inflammatory / infective: acute otitis media, mastoiditis.

Ear Treatment


Hearing loss that occurs when sounds are unable to pass into the inner ear (conductive hearing loss) is often temporary and treatable.

For example, earwax build-up can be removed by drops, a syringe or suction. Hearing loss caused by a bacterial infection can be treated with antibiotics. Surgery can be used to drain a fluid build-up, repair a perforated eardrum, or correct problems with the hearing bones.

However, hearing loss caused by damage to the inner ear or to the nerves that transmit sound to brain (sensorineural hearing loss) is permanent.

If your hearing is impaired, treatment can improve your hearing and quality of life. Our specialists in Ear Surgery have an excellent record for treating hearing loss problems.

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