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Cosmetic and plastic surgery is a form of medical specialty that is concerned with the correction or restoration of a deformed shape of a body part. Although cosmetic surgery is regarded as the best-known kind of plastic surgery, however, not all plastic surgeries are a cosmetic one. Plastic surgery mostly deals with microsurgery, reconstructive surgery and treatment of burns.

Plastic surgery dates back to the 6th century, when Sushruta, the father of Surgery, made important contributions in this field. Some of the reconstructive surgery techniques were carried out in India in the 8th century BC. Reports of Indian rhinoplasty, performed by then Kumhar Vaidya were published in Gentleman’s Magazine in 1794. The Egyptians and the Romans, in the ancient times, also carried pot Cosmetic and plastic surgery techniques.    

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 Various techniques and procedures make this treatment go smoothly and without fail. The transfer of skin tissue in plastic surgery is a common procedure. Procedures like Autografts are carried out, where the tissue is taken from the recipient. Even in the absence of natural tissue alternative ways can be carried out such as Allografts and Xenografts. Allografts are taken from donors of similar species and Xenografts are taken from donors of different species.

Reconstructive plastic surgery is carried out to correct the functional impairments caused due to burns, fractures, traumatic injuries, and congenital abnormalities. The most common practice of cosmetic and plastic surgery can be seen during tumor removal, scar repair, hand surgery, breast reduction, and other regular surgeries. Facial plastic or cosmetic surgery is another very common surgery that is carried out to keep one look young and beautiful. Now-a-days, even ear and eyelid surgeries have come to the market because of huge demands.

The cost, however, for these cosmetic procedures, is basically high. Therefore, such surgeries are carried out mostly by the wealthy people. Plastic and cosmetic surgery is a great help for the film stars and models. In today’s world, almost every film star has gone through one or the other plastic and cosmetic surgery treatments to look young, vibrant and beautiful.

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