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A female body is incomplete without breasts. The size, shape and feel are the three parameters that are used to determine the health and beauty of the breasts. There could be many reasons if you want to opt for breast surgery. The most commonly found motives are; improper fitting of clothes due to oversized breasts, one breast is significantly smaller than the other one, breasts’ size has become too small after having children and have lost their shape and volume. So, if you are not satisfied with your breasts due to their extra small size or any disproportion in shape then breast reconstruction, one of the most remarkable discoveries in medical science, is the best solution for you. The breast augmentation surgically places the implants to increase the fullness of the breasts or to improve the projection and symmetry of the breasts. It also removes the excess fatty tissues and reshapes them.

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The breast surgeries can be categorized into two, one is breast lift surgery and the other is the breast reduction surgery. The breast lift treatment is very beneficial in developing small breasts and treating the wrinkles and droopiness due to advancement in age. Many women face the problem of shrinking breasts as a result of breast feeding. This procedure adds volume to your breast by making small incisions that leave no marks after surgery; hence this is the best for the patients. Whereas the breast reduction surgery reduces the breast fat and glandular tissues to achieve the perfect size breasts for you and it will also relieve you from the discomfort of overly large breasts.


To provide the long lasting solution in breast enhancement and enlargement surgical procedures various types of implants are used to increase or restore the breast size. The most popular is silicone gel implants but in some cases saline implants or fat grafting can also be used. Breast Augmentation is one of the most successful surgical methods to correct the abnormalities and deformities in breasts and has proven its effectiveness from its satisfying track record of thousand women who have gained self confidence by getting beautifully enhanced and restored breasts.

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