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All international flights to Korea land at the Incheon International Airport, west of the city. The airport is well signposted and caters to all the travelers needs. it even includes a sauna, an optician, and a small mall. It also has two tourist information offices and many Global ATMs.

Buses run directly to Seoul and are the best options for most travelers. Whilst many limousine buses travel directly to major hotels in Seoul, some public buses will only travel to major transit hubs, as will a number of limousine buses too.

Taxi stands are located on the arrival level (1F) at the passenger terminal between platform 4D and 7C. Taxis run at Incheon airport are in partnership with Seoul, Incheon and Gyeonggi taxis. Therefore, the long distance premium will not be charged when traveling from Seoul, Incheon, Gyoenggi to Incheon Int'l Airport, but can be charged vice versa.

As both buses and taxis are subject to traffic, allow extra time for rush hour delays. As fares are affected not only by distance but also by time, the cost of taking a taxi can vary greatly.