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Taxis are plentiful, clean, safe, and inexpensive in Korea and can be found at taxi stands in most busy city areas or easily hailed on the streets. There are standard, deluxe and international taxis (English, Japanese and Chinese services).

Tips and Information

• Standard and Deluxe taxi drivers speak little or no English, so before taking a taxi it’s always a good idea to have your hotel (or a Korean friend) write down your destination on a piece of paper in both Korean and English.

• Tipping is not accepted


Standard and Deluxe Black Taxis

  • The standard taxi’s basic fare starts at 2,400 won and 100 won is added every 144 meters
  • The deluxe (Black Color) taxi’s basic fare starts at 4,500 won and 200 won is added every 164 meters
  • If the taxi is going less than 15 kilometers per hour, an additional charge of ₩100 per 35 seconds is added to the fare
  • Credit cards, local bank cards and T-money are usually accepted


International Taxis

  • There is an “international taxi” call service launched in Seoul, where the taxi drivers are tested and qualified in speaking English, Chinese or Japanese
  • The international (orange colored) taxis cost about 20% more than standard ones
  • Taxi call center services are available in English, Japanese and Chinese, and they are available 24 hours a day