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The Korean National Police Agency (KNPA) has established a nationwide interpretation telephone service in "112 Emergency Response Centres" so that foreigners can have the same service from the police as Korean speakers. This service will alleviate language commuication problems and enable the rapid dispatch of police officers when a foreigner is in need of police assistance.

(Note: 112 telephone service is for police and is different from 119 service which is for fire and rescue. 119 also offers interpretation for English speakers. For more information on telephone services, please visit "Essential Telecom Numbers" in the "Information for NZers in Korea" section.)

How to use the Interpretation Service


  • Dial "112" from anywhere in Korea (no area code required).
  • A police officer will ask you to wait until you are connected to an interpreter.
  • Wait - Do not hang up upon hearing a beep or waiting signal.
  • A police officer and an interpreter will come onto the phone.


Available times and languages

  • English, Japanese, Chinese and Russian: 
    0800-2300 (Monday-Friday)
    0800-1800 (Saturday and Sunday)
  • French, Spanish and German are also partially provided.
  • Times and languages will be expanded in due course.

How the KNPA can help you

  • to report a crime (eg assault, theft)
  • when you are in a dispute over a car accident
  • to report transnational crimes (eg terrorism, drug or people trafficking)
  • when you are being overcharged a taxi fare
  • when you are lost and need directions to your destination
  • treated unfairly by your employer or a colleague
  • when you need any assistance from police