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Welcome to Top Travel !. Korea's Leading Travel Store. Top Travel opened its first office in 1982 in Seoul. Today Top can be found at 75 locations with 128 branch offices throughout Korea, where 312 travel professionals are waiting to serve you. Hard work in the service of the public is written into the company culture, where the Top Team all pull in the same direction, enjoying and taking pride in the result. Of course, without the support we have received from the public over the past two decades plus, instead of the bright future we are living today, we would only be dreaming of it. For our success, we say: Many Thanks, Merci, Danke Schone, Ohaio Gosaimas, and Kamsahabnida... to you all. While you are thinking of us, please consider letting us help you with your next business or home-leave trip. Many people come to us because of our inexpensive airfares and they stay because of our trouble-free service. If you have not already had a Top Travel experience, we invited you to do so. We welcome you, as well as our old friends, and look forward to serving you all. Contact : 1688 1001