• Korean Restaurant (Daedaeseonchangjip Hanjeongsik)

  • Korean Chinese

  • 542, Suncheonman-gil, Suncheon-si, Jeollanam-do (Daedae-dong) Seo-myeon , Suncheon-si , Jeollanam-do

  • Menu

Daedaeseonchangjip Hanjeongsik, located near Suncheonman Bay Ecological Park (순천만자연생태공원) in Jeollanam-do, is famous for its jjangttungeotang (짱뚱어탕; mudskipper soup) served with around 20 kinds of banchan (side dishes).


Some menu items may differ slightly in price and are subject to change without notice:

- Jangeogui (Grilled Eel)

- Jangeotang (Eel soup)

- Cheongdungoritang (Mallard duck soup)

- Jjangttungeotang (Mudskipper soup)

- Jjangttungeo jeongol (Mudskipper casserole)

Parking Facility: Available

Restrooms: Available

Credit Cards: Accepted

Directions: From Central City Terminal, take a bus bound for Suncheon Bus Terminal. 

Exit the terminal, and take bus 67 in front of S-Oil Honam Gas Station. 

Get off at Dongpyeon bus stop and go straight for about 300m to arrive at the restaurant.