• Muslim Restaurant (Arabesque)

  • Muslim Restaurant

  • 22-40, Inhyeon-dong, Jung-gu, Incheon-si Inhyeon-dong , Jung-gu , Incheon

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It opened in 2003 as Sahara Tent, but changed its name to Arabesque in August 2007 to further emphasize the restaurant’s specialties of Indian and Turkish cuisine. The restaurant serves Arabian, Indian, and Turkish dishes prepared by an Indian chef and the restaurant owner is from Jordan. For these reasons, it’s particularly popular among students from Southeast Asia, Arabian (Middle Eastern) businessmen. It’s known for serving dishes that are almost completely authentic.


Lamb Kebab: 9,500 won

Briyani: 10.000 won

Curry: 9,000 won

Recommended Menu for Foreigners

Tandoori: 8,500 won (For 1 person)

“Mixed Grill”: 28,000 won (For 2 persons)

Vegetable Tajin: 9,500 won (For 1 person)

Briyani: 10,000 won (For 1 person) 

Additional Taxes: VAT Included

Maximum Seating Capacity: 60 seats

Credit Cards: Accepted

Reservations: Reservation Available

Assistance for Foreigners: English, Arabic

Directions: Go to the opposite side of Dongincheon Station.

Local Transportation: Get off at Dongincheon Station on Subway Line No. 1, exit through Exit No. 6, and go to the building next to Hana Bank.