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Over 500 Million Subscribers Play Mobile Kakao Games

Over 500 Million Subscribers Play Mobile Kakao Games

Kakao, the operator of the nation's top mobile messenger application Kakao Talk, said Monday that the number of subscribers to its mobile game platform Kakao Game surpassed 500 million early this month.

Cumulative sales from the game platform surpassed 1 trillion won earlier this year, about 20 months since the launch of the service.

Kakao Game currently provides 467 mobile game titles of 230 partner companies including CJ E&M, Nexon, Wemade Entertainment and Neowiz.

When it was first launched in July 2012, it had only 10 game titles from seven partners.

Given that the number of Kakao Talk users worldwide reaches 145 million as of early May and is estimated to exceed 35 million in Korea, Kakao Game has enjoyed a rapid growth.

Its aggregate number of subscribers reached 300 million in July 2013, a year after the release, and within the next eight months, this number exceeded 500 million as of early May.

To celebrate this achievement, Kakao is offering a promotion in which it gives out a free emoticons pack for those who download and play any game titles it recommends. The promotion will run through June 2.

Kakao pledged to strengthen its ties with partners to enhance the game platform to make it more enjoyable and convenient for users to play games with friends.

Kakao Game has dominated the nation's mobile game platform sector.

With only two or three exceptions, all the items in the top 10 most-popular free application list of Google Play in Korea, the most popular smartphone application market, are provided through Kakao Game as of May.

While it was a sole player in the sector when it first launched, Kakao Game opened a new market here.

Since then, it led the rapid growth of the domestic mobile game industry. Its games, such as "Anypang" developed by Sunday Toz, "Dragon Flight" by NextFloor and CJ E&M's "Modoo Marble," have enjoyed explosive popularity among Korean users with more than 10 million downloads each.

More recently, however, Kakao Game is expected to face a challenge by a contender in the mobile game platform business.

Camp Mobile, the nation's top web portal Naver's subsidiary, released its game platform service Monday which is operated based on its close-typed social network service "Band" with its 29 million subscribers.

Camp Mobile said it will allow partner companies more freedom to provide their applications without a preliminary review, lowering the entrance barrier that hindered creative yet small game developers coming into the market. It also set its platform commission rate to 14 percent, about 7 percent lower than Kakao Game's 21 percent.

Source : koreatimes