Jun Ji Hyun Makes A Comeback In A Killer Role

Jun Ji Hyun Makes A Comeback In A Killer Role

The queen of Korean movies Jun Ji Hyun is well famous for her role as a Hallyu star Chun Song Yi in “You Who came from the Stars”. The multi-talented actress is going to play a dead serious role in her upcoming film “Assassination” in she portrays a sniper.

The movie’s 48 seconds trailer will keep the audiences hooked to their screens. Ahn Ok Yoon (Jun Ji Hyun) is the leader of an assassin group fighting for Korean independence. The film's story is set in Seoul, Manchuria and Shanghai during the 1930s when Japan ruled Korea. During that time many Korean resistance fighters were stationed in China so they could operate without interference from Japanese authorities.

When orders come down to assassinate a prominent Japanese army commander, those in charge decide that Ahn Ok Yun is the right assassin for the job. There was only one problem. Ahn was locked inside a Shanghai prison where she was sentenced to death. To ensure that she can carry out her assignment, her comrades must first break her out of jail.

Getting out of prison does not mean that Ahn Ok Yoon is safe. She does not know that one of her comrades is an undercover agent for the Japanese. Ha Jung Woo plays the gun for hire and undercover agent known as Hawaii Pistol. He has orders to kill Ahn Ok Yun.

Ahn takes her orders from Yeom Suk Jin, played by Lee Jung Jae, an agent for the Korean interim government. Choi Jin Woong plays Ahn’s right-hand man and firearms specialist Soksapo. Oh Dal Su will play another resistance fighter on her team.

Assassination which is directed by Choi Dong Hoon is set to release in July 2015.